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: Ai no Doujinshi :

Due to life changes and real life expenses/bills, I have decided to part with the majority of my collection. While this makes me extremely sad to do, it's also the responsible thing for me to do. I would love for nothing more than to find wonderful and loving homes for all of the doujins that I have taken such good care of for several years!

Please send all Orders to fefnir@gmail.com. All doujins are sold to whomever asks for it first. I only accept payment via PayPal.

If you are interested in purchasing a very large amount of doujins, it is likely we can work out a decent deal. Just send me an e-mail!

If inside the United States:
1 - 5 Doujins: $3
5 - 10 Doujins: $8
11 - 15 Doujins: $12
16+ Doujins: FREE

I will ship to outside of the US. Cost will depend on your location and the number of doujins you are ordering.

I go by the alias of Ryouko online, and have been for several years. I opened up the website Rockman.EXE Online back in 2002, and have kept it running ever since. I absolutely love all genres of Rockman, but especially EXE!

The word "doujinshi" is used to describe artists who create their own mini mangas. These are mini mangas or fanfictions done by amatuer artists/writers over in Japan, who often sell their works at events such as Comic Market, which attracts hundreds of thousands of buyers. Many famous mangaka creators start out this way, such as CLAMP.

This page was made for personal uses, to display my own doujinshi collection. I ask for you to please not use any scans from this site for website graphics. That is disrespectful to the artists as well as stealing. With that said, please enjoy, and feel free to e-mail me at fefnir@gmail.com!